Who Are We?

Noble Custom Coatings, established in Wilmington in 2013, is an independent, brick and mortar facility, locally owned and operated by married partners Shane & Steph Noble. We provide solutions for auto, cycle, and watercraft enthusiasts whose needs go unmet by conventional bodyshops. 

What Do We Do?

As we like to joke, "the hard stuff," or simply, "problem solving." We help owners preserve and personalize their playthings. Typical projects include: motorcycle color change & insurance repairs, airbrush art, wheel/rim painting, minimally invasive cosmetic auto repairs, jet ski paintwork & repairs, fiberglass/plastic/smc repairs, relief cutting of body panels, aftermarket parts installation (side skirts, spoilers, hood scoops, ie), clearcoating carbon fiber, ceramic paint protection of autos and Harleys, applying spray on bedliner to fender flares or bumpers. 


Our mission is: "to perform work that makes us proud, at costs fair to both ourselves and also to owners." Our clients are almost exclusively self-pay, word of mouth referrals, and repeat customers. We are proud of those earned relationships and we are gratified by the pleasure our owners derive from their toys. Plus, we find the typical, insurance model, bodyshop grind tedious.

How Do We Go About This?

By our insistence on:

Valuing our time and our products. Asking necessary questions. Insisting on necessary repair times and costs. Estimating deliberately. When facing a judgement call, asking ourselves "what is in the owner's best interests?" Performing regular shop maintenance and cleaning. Using PPE. Taking personal time.

And by our refusal to: 

Be rushed. Perform work that we cannot warrant. Quote work verbally or in an inappropriate context. Allow our work environment to be used as a lounge space.​ Start work on a vehicle without a signed work order. Bring projects in before we are prepared to start them. Gossip about other shops, previous staff, or owner-clients.​ Install parts that we did not previously remove, except on mods. Clearcoat other painters' sub-par work. Attempt growth without planning.